Speed vs. Stability: Meeting the pressures of modern application development

Software applications have become essential for organizations in today's digital world. And as an essential component of any business, the success of an application is directly connected to its stability and its capabilities.

Speed However, with the number of vendors nearly as large as the number of applications, competition between products in the market is fierce. Currently, up to 50% of engineering dollars are spent tracking down and fixing bugs, instead of adding new features, and as a result, innovation and market leadership can suffer. But in fact, it only takes one or two crashes for users to abandon your app and install something else, and the same goes for your website and other app platforms.

These conflicting demands are felt within every organization that builds software, but without a strategy for effectively maintaining stability while innovating their platform, the competitiveness of an offering can rapidly erode. These two demands are the need for stability while maintaining speed of innovation.

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